Drink MixesIn the past, you’ve heard us rave about the incredible benefits of adding smoothies and hydrating real-fruit beverages into your regular diet. Well, we absolutely stand behind our claims that using our easy-and-delicious drink mixes can enhance that healthy lifestyle you’re looking for.

BUT . . . we’re even BETTER for you now than we were before!

That’s right, folks!  We called in the cleaning crew to clean up our act (thanks, Mom!) and vetted our ingredients to make our smoothies, coffees, and cocktail drink mixes even more irresistible.  (Like you were resisting our previously NEARLY perfect blend, eh? It’s okay, we know we’re awesome!)

We’ve taken that nasty high-fructose-corn-syrup sweetener OUT of our ingredients lineup.  Boo. Yah.

Yup. Why add extra sweet when we’re only putting sweet stuff in there to begin with? I mean, real fruit? Pretty sweet!  SCHAWEET!!

So when we tell you that our 60-second drink mixes are delicious and nutritious, we really mean it.

Real fruit. Real coffee. Real ingredients. No HFCS. No gluten. No processed crap. Just add ice, drink mix, and blend for the best beverage you can get your hands on.  Every time.

Don’t worry; our coffee’s still delish. Check out our website to see the new ingredients lineup and place your order today!