Iced CoffeeIf you’re a foody, you’re probably no stranger to FoodyTV. However, if you’ve never heard of this network before, its purpose is to connect people through their love of food while teaching them how to create recipes and experiment on their own.

Recently, the iced cappuccino mix that we produce at Blender Boyz was featured on FoodyTV on an episode of “Taste This”. During this episode, the talented Chef Joe Ciminera creates his own version of eggs benedict with a side of eggs and sausage. Although the recipe looks mouthwatering on its own, he decides to finish it off with one of our iced cappuccino mixes . . . making it even better, of course!

In the episode, Chef Ciminera simply blends our cappuccino mix with some ice and milk, adorning his glass with a fresh slice of pineapple. He also correctly mentions that you can blend virtually anything else you want in your Blender Boyz cappuccino. For example, he says that you can add ice cream, alcohol, or a banana to the mix to change things up.

If you missed this episode of “Taste This”, don’t worry. You can either check FoodyTV’s schedule through your cable provider or stay on top of their updates on social media to find out when it will air again.

Also, stay tuned to FoodyTV for an upcoming episode featuring Blender Boyz cocktail mixes!

And, if you haven’t tried our iced cappuccino mix yet, keep in mind that it is the perfect addition to any breakfast and that it’s great drink to grab on your way out the door in the morning. To purchase our cappuccino mix or any of our other delicious blender mixes, head on over to our website!