Drink MixDo you ever buy stuff and toss it in the fridge and then . . . forget about it?

So . . . what are you going to do with that whole container of strawberries that is starting to look a wee bit frazzled?  Or that pile of grapes that got hidden behind last week’s leftovers?  Ever buy that leafy-green kale just to stash it in the fridge and have no idea what to do with it? (Totally guilty of that one!)

Have no fear! The Blender Boyz fridge-clean-out service is here!!

Okay, okay. We’re not actually coming to your house to clean out your fridge; you have to find that nasty smell on your own!  But the edible stuff you’re just not using? We have the ULTIMATE smoothie recipe for you!

Refrigerator Purge Smoothie:


  • your favourite Blender Boyz drink mix (our fruity smoothie mixes are our favourite for this job)
  • some ice
  • the crap in your fridge!

Toss everything in your blender, flip the switch, grab a glass, and ahhhhhh . . . SO GOOD!

It’s that easy.  Don’t waste the food, skyrocket your daily healthy food intake, plus 1.5 servings of fruits in every one of our fruit-smoothie drink mix pouches, and clear out enough space to fit tonight’s leftovers in there. Can you say win, win, WIN?

Ever buy an avocado you didn’t have time to turn into guacamole? Toss it in to make your strawberry-banana drink mix creamier and health-charged to the max!  Don’t get enough omega-3s? Scoop in some flax when no one’s looking!  And that nasty kale stuff? Grab a handful, smoother it in our drink mix, add that almost-expired yogurt, grapes, blueberries, oranges, whatever you have laying around, and you won’t even TASTE it!  Kale that you can’t TASTE?! BEST. DAY. EVERRRR!!!

Our drink mixes make it easy to turn your every day into a healthy day.  Give them a try, and let us know your favourite concoctions!