smoothieThe end is coming. The end of those long summer days and oh, those summer nights (uh huh . . . uh huh . . . uh huh . . . tell me more, tell me more . . .Grease? Anyone?).  It won’t be long before the sun is down long before bedtime and up long after you leave for work. The September Equinox is the celebration of when there is equal amount of light and darkness in the day, this year on September 23. We think it’s a great time sit back, contemplate life, light, darkness, pumpkins, whatever, and throw back a smoothie or two. There are a lot of cultures that celebrate the September Equinox . . . why not join them?

  • Greece- The September Equinox celebrates fall, and in Greek Mythology, it celebrates the time when the Greek Goddess Persephone returned to the underworld to be with her husband Hades. Its not super well-known, but once she returned, everyone in the underworld busted out their blenders and made one hell of a smoothie (punny, eh?)
  • Australia– The aboriginals of Australia have long been star gazers, putting a lot of stock in to what the change of the seasons means and how it affects your mojo. Stories of traditions and experiences are often exchanged over a tall glass of smoothie during the September Equinox amongst the finest aboriginals in Australia.
  • China– The Chinese celebrate the September Equinox, but call it the Moon Festival. They celebrate the abundance of the fall season by eating mooncakes– a lovely little cake of lotus, sesame seeds, dried fruit and duck eggs. And we’re pretty sure they wash it all down with a smoothie . . .
  • Japan– The fall and spring equinoxes in Japan are a time to honour and celebrate the dead. They visit, clean, and decorate the graves of loved ones passed on during these equinoxes. (Insert inappropriate joke about smoothies and dead people here).

So, hey, when in Rome, or Greece, or China, or wherever, do as the Romans, Grecians, Chinese, or Whereverians do and celebrate this month’s September Equinox with a Blender Boyz smoothie!