Frozen MargaritaIt’s almost BBQ season! Say it with us: HOORAY! Time to open the windows, start up the grill, and open our yards to the neighbours for laid-back evenings.

And yes, a BBQ almost requires a cooler full of ice, pop, and beer for your guests to dig through for refreshment. And we think adding simple-to-make Blender Boyz frozen margaritas to the soiree will help make it an extra-special occasion.

Yes, it’s a little more work than directing people to the drink cooler, but with a prep time of a whopping minute, you’re sure to find adding a frozen margarita option to the available drink menu easier than you might initially think.  Because, really, it IS easy.

All you need is your blender, ice – and you have lots of that for the cooler, anyway – the Blender Boyz frozen margarita mix, a splash of tequila, and . . . well, that’s it! Press “Blend” on the blender for one minute, and serve!  If you trust your guests, you could even have everything set up for people to mix up their own so they can indulge whenever their fancy hits; toss everything in, blend, and voila! In a minute, they’ve mixed up their own perfect party cocktail.

Drinks with Blender Boyz really are that easy. And did we mention delicious?  Whether you’re enjoying a frozen margarita from one of our real ingredient pouches, or any of our other special smoothie or cocktail blends, we are certain you’ll love every drop.  Or . . . should we say every slush? Hmmm . . .  Anyway, every last little bit, you will enjoy.  We’ve even been caught licking the glass when our drink is gone!

Give it a try; you’ll love it, your guests will love it, and your cleanup crew will, too, because, as we said, it’s THAT easy.

Happy BBQing, folks!