Smoothie recipesSome occasions are special. You know the ones: weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, graduations, holidays. And some occasions are just . . . occasions!

With the simplicity of the Blender Boyz on your side, it doesn’t matter what the event (or non-event) is. We’ve got a smoothie for that!

Breakfast on the go? Or a Mother’s Day breakfast in bed that needs a little extra oomph? Add a one-minute fruit smoothie to it with the simplest of all the smoothie recipes!

How about a quick treat for your guests on movie night? Or don’t have any guests? Our smoothie recipes are so simple you don’t need ’em to warrant busting out the awesome.

Kid’s birthday party? Or adults only? Or an “un-birthday” celebration curled up on the couch with your favourite book? Grab your pouch, some ice, your blender, and voila! A delicious treat jam-packed with two servings of fruit in a minute.

Fruit smoothies, iced coffee, and delicious cocktails are all a breeze with the greatest, easiest smoothie recipes around: pouch, ice, blend.

It’s that easy. It’s so easy you can do it for a whack-load of people. Or, if no one’s around, it’s still so easy, you won’t feel wasteful going through the process of treating yourself.

Try the Blender Boyz drink mixes. Because other “simple” smoothie recipes quite frankly, just have too many steps.