Smoothies & Cocktail MixesDo you ever feel like we’re just making this stuff up? WE’RE NOT! There’s really a National Nachos Day, on November 6th!  Crazy, right?

Well, not so crazy. I mean, NACHOS.  Drool  Really, there should be more food-specific-holiday days, don’t you think?  Ice cream day, pie day (March 14th, anyone? Yeah, that joke’s for you nerds; you’re welcome!), spaghetti day . . .  pizza day?  SMOOTHIE DAY – now THAT’S one we can get behind!

But for real, Nacho Day. November 6th. YUM!

So while you’re busy slicing and dicing and prepping the most epic nacho concoction imaginable, why not leave the drinks to us? Keep it simple, but match the perfection of your meal with perfection in a glass!

Our pre-portioned cocktail mixes make it easy to whip up whatever you want to go with that cheese-y goodness you’re preparing for.  Tone it down a bit with a fruity-flavoured daiquiri; embrace your inner Pedro and revel in a succulent piña colada; or how about an easy, icy margarita, señorita?

Don’t forget the added bonus that all our cocktail mixes and smoothies are prepared with REAL ingredients; real fruit, real flavour, and none of that overly crazy processed garbage you’re used to seeing. So while your nachos may, maybe, perhaps, a little bit, NOT be the healthiest heart-friendly sodium-free meal you ever prepare, your cocktail is just about as good as it gets! (The best? We sure think so!)

Cocktail mixes + Nacho Day = best holiday ever.  Well, at least this week it is.

Use us, the Blender Boyz, to make your Nacho Day, and every day, delicious and nutritious. It’s what we do!