real fruit smoothies can be a lifesaverWhen the school year starts, parents everywhere all breathe a small collective sigh of relief! You can get back into a routine! No longer are you forced to complete all your daily tasks plus listen to your children tell you how bored they are! Just because you are excited to be able to have a few minutes to yourself during the day doesn’t mean you don’t love your children; you still want what’s best for them! If you want your kiddos to start their day out right, start the year off with by ensuring they get breakfast.

Too many children skip breakfast, ether because they don’t have time or because they forget. Making sure that your kids get some beneficial calories in them before school is crucial. This is why real fruit smoothies can be a lifesaver, especially when everyone is still easing back into a routine. Real fruit smoothies are fast, easy to clean up, can be eaten on the go, and are a refreshing way to start the day.

Another benefit of real fruit smoothies is they can be easily customized to fit the tastes of your kids. If your oldest hates vegetables, you can sneak in some vegetable juice or even some spinach. If your youngest does better with a steady flow of energy, try adding some avocado and protein powder to their real fruit smoothie.

The biggest benefit of real fruit smoothies is that they can help you get your kids to eat breakfast while still keeping to a hectic schedule. Using smoothie packs from Blender Boyz can make the customization and morning routine even easier. This school year, start their day off with a tasty real fruit smoothie.