Strawberry Banana SmoothiesLet’s face it, October can be a tough time of year, especially if you love the heat of the summer, time on the beach, and cool drinks in your hand.  While you are craving the summer, with its warmth and sunshine, October is providing you with the cool temperatures and chilly air that comes along with the fall. While you may enjoy the crisp fall evenings, occasionally you may find yourself in the mood for some summertime fun. When you find yourself craving the parties and tastes of summertime, why not host your own “little piece of summer” party.  At this party, you might as well go all-out and serve up those summertime strawberry banana smoothies.  Why do strawberry banana smoothies scream summer?  Maybe it’s because they are found abundantly in the summertime.

Truthfully, though, you don’t have to host a party to enjoy the flavour of strawberry banana smoothie. In fact, you can consume them at any meal! Think about it — breakfast, lunch, dinner, “elevensies”, snack time, and after dinner snacks can all contain strawberry banana smoothies.  The best thing about our strawberry banana smoothies?  You don’t have to worry about time constraints.  For example, let’s say you’re in a rush to get out the door to work in the morning and really need a quick breakfast.  Simply grab one of our convenient smoothie pouches, your blender and a cup of ice and voila –you have a quick breakfast on-the-go.  Not only does it take next to no time at all, but it saves you the money and time you would have spent at your local smoothie shop on your way to work.

Whether it’s a small taste of summer, or simply a quick smoothie on-the-go, let Blender Boyz get you the smoothie fix you need.