Strawberry DaiquiriWhat a wonderful month February is!  Not only is spring practically guaranteed to be around the corner, but it is also the month when we celebrate love.  The celebrations of love are timeless– just think of the Bard of Avon, also known as our beloved Shakespeare.  His plays are overflowing with themes of love.  He even focused some of his plays on love—take, for example, Love’s Labour’s Lost or Love’s Labour’s Won.  For all the love’s past, present, and future, love’s lost, love’s won, love’s waiting to be found, Valentine’s Day is the day we all glory in the beauty or wallow in the despair.

Regardless of whether you are remembering love lost, celebrating love found, or desiring love yet to come, what better way to celebrate love than having your own Valentine’s Day celebration? Depending on which stage of love you are in, you may want to have a party of one to reminisce, a party of two to celebrate together, or a party of many, where your chances of discovering love are greater.  No matter if your Valentine’s Day party is a “me party” or a large gathering, make it a complete success by making your own strawberry daiquiri from our delicious mixes.

Our cocktail mixes are so simple, you’ll be left with lots of time for enjoying your party.  To prepare the goodness of our cocktails, just grab a cocktail mix packet, rum, some ice, and your blender, along with anything else you want to add.  Blend them up, and enjoy your refreshment.

Our strawberry daiquiri will lend that perfect sense of love’s celebration to your Valentine’s Party.  As Shakespeare said, “Love comforteth like sunshine after rain.”  Our strawberry daiquiri comforteth after pain or gain, depending on your situation.  Regardless of why you need it, the strawberry daiquiri will help you relish in the fruits of love.  When you choose Blender Boyz strawberry daiquiri mix, you’ll savour your Valentine’s Day party to the fullest. Let us help you in your celebration of love this year, whether it’s your season to fly solo, enjoy the nearness of your soulmate, or search for your one true love.