Strawberry DaiquiriWe’re still a little early, but have you ever noticed that, side-by-side, our fantastic strawberry daiquiri and frozen margarita mixes just scream CHRISTMAS with their beautiful red and green colourings?

Maybe it’s because we like holidays so much, along with all the fun food and good times they bring. And the ridiculous ease with which the Blender Boyz drink mixes bring delicious cocktails to the table for everyone!

With a mere minute to prep, serving fancy mocktails or cocktails is as easy as ice, mix, blend! And with bright colours delivering perfect taste, it’s a no-brainer to include both our strawberry daiquiri and frozen margarita mixes in your holiday get together.

It’s a much more fun, holiday-ish way to serve your favourite spirits to your guests, mixed in with our tremendous, eye-catching smoothies!

Because, really, at Christmastime, we all like to go big or go home! Am I right? You know I’m right. Everyone likes to drive around and look at the houses with the best decorations; everyone likes to check all the biggest presents under the tree for their names . . . While Christmas is about joy and love and family for real, well, let’s just face it: it’s also about celebrating awesomeness and wearing lousy reindeer sweaters.

So serve your drinks with exceptional awesome, and mix them in with our strawberry daiquiris and frozen margaritas. It’s delicious all the time, and the perfect colour combo on your table, too! (We’re THAT good).