SmoothiesSummer is really something to celebrate because it’s time to get outdoors. And, of course, warm weather equals smoothie season! Let’s face it, who doesn’t love beating the summer heat with deliciously cool smoothies? Nothing complements your favourite summer foods like a refreshing, thirst-quenching, fruity, frozen beverage.

How about a chilled smoothie while you’re cooling off by the pool? Or relaxing on the deck and soaking up the sun with a chilled smoothie next to you, awaiting your next sip, and at the same time, getting your daily dose of Vitamin D?

Do you know how important Vitamin D is for you? Well firstly, it’s vital for the development of teeth and bones in growing children, and for adults, it promotes heart health by preventing your heart muscles from becoming weak. Your body can manufacture higher amounts of Vitamin D when your skin is exposed directly to sunlight. Most of us need to get some Vitamin D this way – 10 to 15 minutes of direct exposure is recommended. After this, put sunscreen on.

Now, back to smoothies! A smoothie is an ideal ‘recovery’ beverage after a long walk or jog in the hot sun and a revitalizing pick-me-up after a little too much partying the night before. Really, they are the ultimate summer drinks. Refreshing, cold and loaded with nutrition, so they’re not only delicious, they are good for you. Plus, they help keep you hydrated.

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