SmoothiesDo you have a favourite recipe that you make all the time? Ever have it go  . . . off on you?  You do the exact same thing as always, but for some reason it comes out tasting a wee bit differently?  Or maybe you accidentally switched an ingredient or measured something incorrectly . . . it doesn’t happen often in our go-to favourites, but can be a total bummer when it does!

So we’ve taken all the work out of one of our favourite food, uh, “groups,” to make sure you have the perfect result every single time. That’s right– we’ve perfected smoothies for you! And while you can absolutely take our prepared drink mixes and dress them up with various recipes, all you NEED to enjoy an ideal frozen beverage is your blender, our portioned pouch, some ice, and a single minute. No measuring, taste-testing, or trying to remember what you put in the smoothies last time.

You could say we at Blender Boyz have taken smoothies and made them faster, simpler, and easier for everyone to enjoy time and time again.  You don’t even need to have a fridge full of fruit or juice to pull off a perfect smoothie. Like we said before, we’ve mastered it for you with our real-ingredient packaged pouches and ice. Just ICE!

Now all you have to do is make sure you remember to fill your ice tray . . .

If you like smoothies, you’ll love Blender Boyz.  Because, we’ll admit, we’re kind of a big deal in the smoothie world, and we help people make perfect smoothies every time with ease.