Smoothie recipesOne of our favourite things about working with our drink mixes is all the fun we can have discovering new blends and smoothie recipes!

Yes, we think we’ve more or less perfected our drinks before we package them up for your enjoyment, but taking a perfect product and playing with it . . . well, it’s just fun!  And sometimes it can lead to additional awesomeness, like one of our favourite concoctions, “The Green Goddess” with mint, kiwi, honeydew, and celery complementing our tropical blend drink mix masterfully.

The thing about our drink mixes is, yes they’re easy and delicious on their own, but you can do just about ANYTHING you want with them!  Add frozen berries instead of ice cubes to keep it cool but add some different flavours or textures. Try mixing with yogurt to make a thicker smoothie with that punch of calcium and protein your body craves. Take a blended frozen banana and flavour it with your Blender Boyz pouch to make “ice cream” that has nothing to it except health benefits!

Yes, when you’re thinking smoothie recipes, with Blender Boyz, the sky really is the limit.

So if you’re a bit more daring than some of us when it comes to concocting in the kitchen, don’t get hung up on the how-to with our fast and simple smoothie recipes of just drink mix and ice. Have some fun and change it up!  It’s a smoothie – we may have perfected it, but we’re pretty sure it’s impossible to mess it up.

And if you come up with something consistently amazing, don’t forget to share it with us at! We love seeing what great ideas are out there and sharing them with everyone. Happy blending!