Earlier this month, the U.S. saw a big crack-down from the FTC on some pretty big companies and their pretty big brands, with combined fines totaling near $34 million! (Read about it here and here.)

Kind of crazy!

So, um, yeah. Telling the truth about your product is KIND of important. Who knew, right? That whole truth-in-advertising thing . . .

Now, you see us ALL THE TIME touting the amazing benefits of adding smoothies into your regular diet, you do. But, gosh darn it, you’ve never seen us tell you something that’s not true.

YES: Blender Boyz smoothies are made with 100% REAL ingredients – natural fruits and coffees. We’re not just SAYING that– they really are. We’re not sneaking in manufactured strawberries and bananas, or chemically mixing up some nasty concoction that kind of resembles coffee – you’re getting the real deal.

NO: Blender Boyz products will NOT MAGICALLY MAKE YOU SKINNY!

But we’re pretty sure we’ve never told you they will, sooo . . .

Here’s the truth:

A healthy body is obtained ONLY when you take care of yourself. That’s it, that’s all.  SIZE doesn’t matter (though just because we all KNOW that doesn’t mean we love to believe it), but being healthy does.  And the only way to truly get healthy is to eat well and get lots of exercise.

Smoothies aren’t a secret gimmick that will magically make you healthy– of course not. But they are a fabulous, easy way to turn a meal and/or a beverage in your day into a health-boosting, nutrient-rich taste explosion of awesomeness.  True story!

And when some of your smoothies’ ingredients are pre-portioned and ready to grab-and-go (guess who we’re talking about) it’s even EASIER.

NO we are not magic. YES we can HELP add to a balanced, healthy lifestyle with easy, nutritious food sources.  And we will always tell you the truth. Because, well, with a product this awesome, there’s nothing to hide anyway!

Blender Boyz Smoothies. Delicious and true. Every time.