Cocktail MixesSo, what do you do when you want to party? Epic movie marathoning the best party-flicks of the last few decades: Wayne’s World? Weekend at Bernie’s? The Bachelor Party? The Hangover? Because, you know, WATCHING other people have fun is always . . . fun . . . ?

Or do you go out on the town? Dress up, throw on your fancy shoes, and go shake your thang at da club?

. . . Wow, did I just say ‘shake your thang’ and ‘da club’? Shudder.

Okay, how about something a little LESS scary for partying? Invite US over!

Yup, you heard right! I just invited the Blender Boyz over to PARTAY! But don’t worry, with us in your crib (okay, okay, I’m done, I swear!) throwing a show-stopping party is as easy as pouch, ice, and BLEND!

Just grab your favourite cocktail mixes, your blender, lots of ice for your lots of guests, maybe a shot of your favourite liquor, and boom, bam, baby, you’ve got strawberry daiquiris, piña coladas, and iced margaritas the whole town’ll be raving about!

Working with our cocktail mixes really is that easy.  You become the host with the most in flavour, variety, and flair anyone’s had the pleasure to mingle with. You’re your own Gatsby, perhaps?

Yeah, we just flipped from ‘da hood’ to literary genius in a paragraph or two. Don’t judge.

Embrace it.  Invite us over.  Let us help with some cocktail mixes. You’ll never not know what to do to celebrate again!