152Cuba is famous for a lot of things, some of them well known, some of them more obscure. Sure, sure, everyone knows their cigars are untouchable. It produces some pretty good baseball talent, too. Salsa dance originated there, with its sexy and provocative movements that only those with Latin blood should really attempt. And love him or hate him, Fidel Castro is a name recognized worldwide. Did you know, though, that Cuba is the birthplace of daiquiris?

Yeah, in Cuba there is a beach and an iron mine both with the name Daiquiri, and the drink was pretty popular in that area. Traditionally, it is a combination of rum, sugar and a citrus flavour, though strawberry daiquiris add a splash of strawberry, of course. Cuba has some really good rum, so it’s not that surprising that the drink was born there. Some credit an American congressman who bought the iron mine for bringing the drink to New York City, but all the credit of its creation goes to some Cuban bartender with a passion for sugar and rum. And really, aren’t we all pretty thankful to that man, whoever he was?

Really, is there anything better than strawberry daiquiris pool side on a hot day? Or strawberry daiquiris with friends after a long work week? Or strawberry daiquiris because its five o’clock somewhere? Or strawberry daiquiris because you’re thirsty? So let’s all raise our glasses to that tiny little island that’s blessed us all so much. Hold your strawberry daiquiris high in salute!

In fact, not that you needed an excuse to drink a strawberry daiquiri anyway, but October 10 is Cuba’s Independence Day. How about a little salsa dancing, with a daiquiri in one hand, a cigar in the other, and highlights from Luis Tiant’s career playing in the background to celebrate? Sounds like a fitting tribute to us!