There is a reason why there are so many cookouts during the dog days of summer. It’s too hot to cook indoors! Some days have you so worn out from the heat that even the thought of firing up the grill seems like too much work. When that happens, a great solution for a meal replacement is smoothies. A nice frozen smoothie will help cool you down, too.

It can be great fun to mix up a quick berry or tropical smoothie and picture a nice breeze off the water at an island beach getaway. With no cooking required and minimal effort, smoothies are ideal for helping you capture any relaxing environment you can imagine.

The other undesirable part about putting a meal together is cleaning up afterward. With the convenience of Blender Boyz smoothie mixes, you won’t have much in that department to worry about, either. You can even skip the glass to wash by using a disposable one, if desired.

One of the best things about using smoothies as an occasional meal replacement is that you’ll never get bored. There are literally unlimited ways to create a different smoothie result each time, even if you begin with a convenient mix. Choose different fruits, vegetables, herbs, sweeteners or even alcohol to make up smoothies that match your mood on any given day and how much you really need to “chill out.”

Here at Blender Boyz, we offer smoothies that are the ultimate in convenience and versatility. Whether you enjoy one of our smoothie mixes on their own or go forth and experiment using your imagination or one of the recipes on our website, we are quite certain that it will beat labouring in a hot kitchen preparing a meal and cleaning up afterward. Let one of our smoothies take you away from it all and make the dog days of summer a bit more comfortable!