Tropical Smoothies

Although the changing of the seasons is always a fresh experience, occasionally you may find yourself wishing that you could prolong certain seasons and shorten others.  Summertime, with its long, lazy days may just seem to be gone too quickly.  Perhaps you feel that you didn’t have enough time to relax, to visit, to refresh yourself, or to take as many vacation days as you wanted to in the places you wanted to go.  Fortunately, when you find yourself wishing for hot days on a tropical beach, we’ve got you covered.

While we can’t provide you with the beach, nor with the tickets or vacation time to get you to that beach, what we can do for you is provide you with our tropical smoothie mixes.  To get that feeling of relaxation that accompanies a visit to the tropics, simply pull out your blender, some ice, a few other ingredients, and one of our tropical smoothie pouches, put them all together and blend away.  Then pour your tropical smoothie into a tall glass and drink it all down, while wearing a lei or flowers in your hair, some sunglasses and lounging in a lawn chair in your living room.  While you’re sipping on your tropical smoothie, you may even consider the fact that your living room may offer you more of a relaxing experience, particularly because you never know when a cyclone will hit the tropics, and you know full well that cyclone season isn’t finished until the end of November.  All things considered, enjoying a tropical smoothie in your living room is a pretty good way to scratch the itch to be in the tropics right now.

At Blender Boyz, we want you to enjoy yourself year-round.  That’s why we make it easy with our tropical smoothies.  When you truly want to relax, come and explore our selection of smoothie mixes . . . in fact, why not take home some of each kind . . . you know, just in case the urge hits.