Smoothie recipesSmoothies are fabulous.  Honestly.  Everyone is a fan of a good smoothie! And really, how do you have a BAD smoothie?  Smoothie recipes are manifold and often tossed away with the ease of throwing your own concoctions into a blender and testing the delicious, nutritious results.

So how does that work with a Blender Boyz drink mix package?  Generally, our own smoothie “recipes” call for our various perfected drink packets to be mixed simply with ice for a quick, easy, thirst-quenching, quality-ingredient delivering, blast of cold beverage.  Which, in our humble opinion, makes the perfect smoothie of any sort, anytime!

But maybe your favourite smoothie flavour includes a shot of orange juice.  So, throw some good old O.J. in the ice cube tray and add THAT to your Strawberry Banana mix instead of just plain ice cubes!  Or maybe you’d like your smoothie to be a little SMOOTHER and a little less frozen?  Add 1/4 cup plain yogurt instead of the recommended 2oz water/ice! You’ve completely changed your drink while adding calcium and protein!

The number of ways you can use a Blender Boyz pouch with your own creativity to make delectable, nutrition-packed smoothie recipes are literally endless.  Absolutely, try our mixes the way they were originally developed, and then have fun!  You can even email us your favourite recipes, so we can try them, too!

Simple smoothie recipes, the easiest meal ever just got easier and more fun with the Blender Boyz!