164923789Who was excited for spring this year? Come on, put your hands up! You know you were! I don’t care who you are or how much you LOVE winter; it was TIME FOR SPRING!!

Our favourite part of springtime is seeing everyone emerge from indoors – people are out jogging off the winter weight, kids are running and playing games, dogs are walking with their tongues hanging wildly with delight at the sunshine – and our diets change!

Gone are the soups, casseroles, and roast comfort food of the depressing winter months.  Springtime brings the reopening of decks, patios, barbeques, cobbed corn, and shish-kabobs.  And being outside, playing, exercising, or cooking, we’re more social!  Backyards open up for friends and family, loungers are cleaned off, badminton nets erected, horseshoes dug out of the mud . . . Spring is the best.

So when you get home from work today, why not enjoy the warm weather? We know we’re doing it! Grab a cocktail, kick off your shoes, and sit outside and enjoy the sunshine and your neighbours!

Working with our perfectly portioned pouches makes spoiling yourself with a delicious, thirst-quenching cocktail a cinch! (The neighbours may be envious of your treating yourself, but you’ll know it only took 60 seconds; shhh . . . it’s our secret!)

Cocktail hour never tasted so good with so little hassle.  Enjoy it!