Drink MixesWell, we’ve always known our drink mixes were good; we’ve just been trying to get the rest of the world to discover their brilliance. “Try this delicious iced coffee,” we’d say. Or, “You really will love the taste of our cocktail mixes,” we’d insist. “Tired of cutting fruit? Why not a delicious real fruit smoothie in less than two minutes?” we’d suggest.

Some would scoff, some would scorn, most would try and then become totally converted. We can’t tell you how excited we were to see the shout out Across the Avenue gave our Blender Boyz drink mixes not too long ago.

“These pouches really do get the blend just right.”

Awwww, shucks!

We’re like proud parents, watching our kids go off and save the world. Seriously, that’s how awesome our drink mixes are! Check out the review here!

You’ve now seen how much more relaxing our cocktail and daiquiri drink mixes can make your vacation, or how much easier our tropical and berry smoothies can make your day-to-day. How about giving them a try yourself?

Smoothies for breakfast? Find some great recipes here.

Convenience in ordering? Just a few clicks away!

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And for the rest of you that still haven’t joined the craze, we say, “What are you waiting for?!?” What’s your blend?