Smoothie MixesLet’s be honest. New Year’s Eve is really a party for the young. If you’re young, it’s all about staying up through all hours of the night, partying with friends, and celebrating the start of a New Year. Once you reach a certain age, New Year’s Eve parties are more about finding an outfit that will hide the Christmas pounds and then counting down the minutes until you can go to bed! If you fall into the latter group or just happen to be one of the old souls stuck in a young person’s body, might we suggest the best way to ring in the New Year: Smoothie Mixes.

Yes, you read that correctly, smoothie mixes are the answer to all your New Year’s hang ups. After the stress of Christmas, the last thing you need is the stress of planning, purchasing and preparing drinks for New Year’s. Even if the rest of your party is rather lackluster, our drinks are so easy, so quick, and so delicious that your guests probably won’t even notice that your decorations are leftover ones from last year!

With tasty flavors like Tropical Paradise, Berry Blend, and Strawberry Banana, your guests are sure to find one (or several!) that they enjoy. All night long, people will be asking for the recipes to your smoothies, and you can either point them to our easy-to- use webpage or take all the credit for yourself– we won’t tell.

When you use our smoothie mixes to make delicious and easy drinks to serve this New Year’s, you’ll find yourself celebrating for all the usual reasons, and also for the lack of dishes in your sink from drink prep. In fact, we daresay you’ll be singing, “Happy New Year! Have a smoothie!” all through the night. Enjoy!