Iced CoffeeThanksgiving is a wonderful time of year to be thankful and celebrate time with family. However, if you’re the one doing the cooking, sometimes the only thing you want to be thankful for is the absence of crowds, dishes, and people once the day is over! Even if you have help prepping the meal, it can still be a stressful occasion. Here at Blender Boyz, we think there is no better way to start out a hectic day than treating yourself with one of our iced coffees.

Our iced coffee mixes will start your Thanksgiving off on the right note. Not only will it give you something better to look forward to than sticking your hand into the nether-region of a turkey, but it’ll also give you a nice boost of energy to handle the rest of the meal preparation! Our single-serving packets mean that you can make as many or as few iced coffee drinks as you’d like, and depending on how much you like your family, you add whatever you’d like to it (wink, wink).

This Thanksgiving, after the turkey has been reduced to half its original size, the pies have been served, and the stretchy pants have been donned to accommodate all those growing bellies, you’ll still be having fond memories of the iced coffee you were able to enjoy that morning. And do you want to know the best part? On Thanksgiving, a day laden with dishes, you can be especially grateful that our iced coffee comes with practically zero clean up.

Happy Thanksgiving from us to you!