SmoothieHave you caught the smoothie bug yet? It’s a great bug to get. A smoothie in the morning makes squeezing in a nutritious meal easier than pie (you know, the kind you buy pre-made at the bakery… EASY!) Well, whatever it’s easier than, it’s easy, easy, easy!

If you’re like most of us, adhering to the recommended national nutritional guidelines is so much easier said than done; we’re BUSY! With work, kids, houses, hobbies, relationship juggling… all the insanity we voluntarily put in our lives (and LOVE, might we add) makes squeezing proper nutrition in, well, just plain HARD. (Maybe it should be hard as pie? Have you ever made a pie crust? Probably not – who has the time?!)

That’s where smoothies come in.  Seriously!  In a single smoothie you can cram oodles of your daily nutritional needs, and chug it all back before heading out the door in the morning, or on the run in the car, or even while sitting back to enjoy the latest episode of…whatever that horribly trashy addictive TV show is you’re into right now.

With a Blender Boyz fruit-blend single-serve drink mix pouch added to ice, you’re getting not one of your fruit servings off the checklist, but 1.5!  It’s that easy! And with prep time taking less than a minute, it’s almost as fast as washing an apple anyway, and WAY yummier!  Throw in some fresh fruit, too, to mix up your flavours and add an extra boost of fruit serving/vitamins/etc.  Add a dash or two of flax seeds for those omega-3s, or toss in some milk, cream, or yogurt for calcium & protein.

See how easy it is to get your daily intake requirements when you blend it? Smoothie-drinking makes it just THAT simple, and when you’re done, rinse & wash your blender, and voila! Honestly, if it were any easier the drink would make itself, like the enchanted dishes in Beauty and the Beast …we’re working on it…

So try the Blender Boyz specially prepared fruit drink mixes to up your intake of fruits in an enjoyable way, every day.  You’ll love it, and your body will thank you for the extra health boost!