Iced coffeeWith fall upon us, one may start to question why or how one may be able to continue enjoying warm-weather favourites in the oft-frigid environments of winter . . . especially if you’re like us and have fully integrated the Blender Boyz fool-proof iced coffee mix into your daily routine.

I mean, really. In the winter do you want to get out of bed, pad your feet across a freezing floor to the kitchen and suck back ICE, or a roasting hot mug of joe?

Honestly, we’re voting iced coffee. Maybe you think we’re insane, but hear us out!

We can go all scientific and spout off about how drinking frozen beverages in cold weather is great because putting that freezing temperature inside your body gives the rest of you the impression you’re actually warmer on the outside than you really are, but that would be boring, so we’ll skip that whole thing. Oh, wait . . .

Anyway, we prefer our morning pick-me-up to be iced because it’s SO DANG GOOD! And so EASY! No coffee grinds, filters, measuring water, letting it get old on the warmer . . . Nope! Just pure, perfect coffee with a pouch, some ice, our trusty blender, and a whopping minute of our time.

Because once you’ve gone iced, you can never go back! Well, maybe you can, but why would you?

Blender Boyz iced coffee drink mix. It doesn’t get any better than that.