SmoothiesWe love smoothies. We really love smoothies.

Smoothies are an excellent way to enjoy a cool, refreshing beverage that actually hydrates, like water, while simultaneously delivering essential nutrition to your body, all done up in one delicious cup.

Yes, that’s right. Smoothies are AWESOME.

With a Blender Boyz drink mix you can know you’re getting some of the important, fabulous benefits not only of drinking water – YES you can count that crushed up ice towards your 8 glass total – but also of knocking off another essential daily serving, or two, of fruit! It’s a win-win…WIN situation!

And not only can you check off mass amounts of your daily required intake of various nutrition components with a smoothie, but with ease you can tweak and adjust your drink, come up with your own favourite recipes, and boost your health intake! For example, instead of just adding ice for hydration, substitute in some plain or Greek yogurt also for a boost of calcium and essential amino acids from the protein! Or toss a banana in with our Berry Blend mix to switch up the flavour and add a scrumptious boost of potassium and fibre!

With a smoothie, the sky is the limit, and with the Blender Boyz drink mixes, the limit is even higher than that. Give us a try and you’ll agree: smoothies will fast become one of your favourite things!