easy iced coffeeThere are few things as wonderful as that first morning coffee – the heavenly scent, the warmth of the mug, the little pick-me-up that helps get the day moving… it’s perfection.

But in the hot summer months, do you really enjoy a hot steaming cup of coffee through the haze of the sweltering morning?  Goodness, no!  And you may have noticed our favourite out-of-the-house coffee joints have figured this out and are making a killing off of us all running out of the house in the mornings in tank tops and boxer shorts to grab an iced coffee – we can still enjoy the scent, the pick-me-up, but it’s COLD!  Genius, honestly.

Well, what if we told you that you can enjoy a daily iced coffee in your home with the prep-time of a whopping minute. A minute! And, did you catch the part where you didn’t have to leave the house to get it? FABULOUS!

Well, with the Blender Boyz, it really is that easy.  Just dump some ice and our perfectly portioned mix pouch into your blender, and voila!  Plus, when you make it yourself at home, you can easily add whatever you like to make your own favourite coffee-smoothie flavours!  Iced coffee with a banana? How about with a shot of chocolate? Add some yogurt or cream to make the iced coffee smoother, thicker, and add some protein to your morning beverage.

Give us a try, and love your morning coffee in a whole new way.