SmoothiesHave we ever told you how amazing you guys are?

No, really! People say that stuff all the time about their clients, but we are all about this cliché right now; WE HAVE THE BEST CUSTOMERS EVER.

That’s why, when you let us know you weren’t thrilled about high fructose corn syrup being the number one sweetener in our scrumptious smoothies, WE TOOK IT OUT.

Because, really. The customer is always right, and about high fructose corn syrup, you really were.

So NOW when you reach for your blender and wonder what you can whip up that will add to your healthy lifestyle, you can keep our real-fruit smoothies, cocktails, and real-coffee drink mixes on the list.  Smoothies of fruit, with hydrating ice. And none of that processed garbage to stick to your hips.

Delicious and nutritious.

Having great customers not only keeps us in business, but keeps us getting better.  And while we love bringing you easy, scrumptious smoothies in 60 seconds, we’re THRILLED to add to your healthy lifestyle routine. So THANK YOU for making us better; you rock!

If you haven’t tried our new smoothies minus the high-processed sweetener, DO IT; you’ll love it. Because being healthy never tasted so good!