SmoothieSmoothies are perfection in a glass. Well, at least we think so!  They’re delicious, nutritious, and one of the few non-water-only beverages that actually hydrate you instead of sucking your cells dry – do you KNOW how awful soda is for you? GOODNESS!

With a Blender Boyz drink mix pouch on your side you can be sure, along with incredible ease, that you’re getting fresh, real fruit or coffee ingredients, and not some crazy artificial-flavoured powder.  Excuse us for saying so, but it’s sheer brilliance.

Here’s what you get with a Blender Boyz drink mix:

Make your own frozen blender beverages at home in less than 1 minute!

  • All of our blends are made with real fruit or coffee.
  • Our single-serving pouch means no mess and almost no clean-up.
  • Our FreshPacked™ process keeps our pouches fresh for 9-12 months without refrigeration.
  • Choose from real fruit smoothies, iced cappuccino, and frozen cocktails.

That’s right.  All you need to make an amazing smoothie with the Blender Boyz is some ice and the perfectly-portioned drink mix pouch, and of course your blender. Dump everything in, blend, and a minute later you’re sipping away at a delicious frozen beverage.  With the nutritional value of fresh ingredients and the ease of our pouches, the Blender Boyz drink mix is the way to go!

Give us a try; you’ll love us.