Iced Coffee

For iced coffee you are sure to love, try Blender Boyz!

iced coffee from Blender Boyz

An iced coffee is a very particular drink to make. And if you’ve ever had one that was made improperly, you know it can cause you to shy away from another iced coffee for a very long time. With Blender Boyz iced coffee pouches, we guarantee you’ll love the outcome. We also guarantee you’ll love the outcome the next time you make it, and the next time, and the next. One of the biggest perks of our iced coffee pouches, and with all of our drink mixes actually, is that they allow you to make a consistently great drink every time without all the guess work of when to add the ice, or when to blend or filter or whatever else.

When winter turns to summer and you switch from hot coffee to iced, make sure you have our Blender Boyz iced coffee mixes on hand. We are a great option for the home consumer, offering you a consistent, time-saving, cost-effective way to make a delicious iced coffee in your own kitchen. We offer cases in a variety of sizes and flavours, so you can make iced coffee as little or as often as you’d like, avoiding waste and high cost.

We are also a great solution for your business or restaurant. Our iced coffee pouches make a delicious drink your customers will love. They are very simple to make, so it’s easy and takes little time to train your employees to make them. If you are looking to sell the pouches in your store, instead of the made up drinks, we also offer that option. We have displays and signage available that will make this an attractive option for your retail company. We offer wholesale prices for businesses, so be sure to inquire on how to save money that way. For iced coffee you are sure to love, try Blender Boyz!